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Carved green bamboo wine (Six-pack)

Carved green bamboo wine (Six-pack)

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  Bamboo Wine is prized for its freshness, where it is nurtured within the bamboo itself, and in turn, the bamboo nourishes the wine! Upon sipping, it offers a subtle natural aroma of fresh bamboo, visually resembling jade threads, and tasting like the essence of green bamboo itself! The mouthfeel is sweet and rich, crafted from a 10-year-old sorghum-based liquor and pure grain solid-state fermented alcohol. It tastes delightful, leaving a sweet aftertaste, and even the day after drinking, there is no dryness in the mouth or headache – free from artificial colorings, flavorings, and preservatives!

  Selecting 3-5 year-old bamboo deep in the mountains of the famous Taoist mountain Gezao Mountain as the vessel, each container undergoes high-temperature sterilization, reinforcement, and is filled fresh on-site! These bamboos serve both as containers and decorative pieces!

  The inner membrane of the fresh bamboo is rich in bamboo film, bamboo pulp, bamboo juice, hato polysaccharides, lysine, and various vitamins. By infusing the original liquor into the bamboo cavity where it grows together with the bamboo, the living bamboo has inherent physiological characteristics or functions of absorption, decomposition, conversion, and secretion. The liquor within the bamboo embryo melds and maturates with the bamboo sap, absorbing beneficial amino acids, multiple vitamins, and various trace elements that are good for human health!

  This is a Green Bamboo Liquor presented in a custom-engraved bamboo cylinder. You can personalize the bottle with your favorite designs, adding a unique touch to your drinking experience. Or, engrave it with auspicious wishes to gift it to your loved ones and friends, allowing it to grace their tables laden with the best of intentions!

  It's perfect for families to express gratitude to their teachers at thank-you banquets or to entertain leaders in corporate gatherings. Bamboo Wine holds significant meaning, symbolizing continuous advancement and conveying messages of safety and prosperity – wishing !

  ① Xiake Fresh Bamboo Wine

  ② 500ml, Bamboo Bottle

  ③ Using the deep mountain bamboo which ia aged 3-5 years from Gezao Mountain, a renowned Taoist sanctuary as its vessel.

  ④ Infused with the subtle, refreshing aroma of bamboo.

  ⑤  China's Medicine Capital: Zhangshu City.

  ⑥ Comes with a unique wine opener. 

  ⑦ ABV 40%


  ① Product Type : Liqueur

  ② Container Material : Bamboo

  ③ Container Type : Bottle

  ④ Size :500ml


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