About Us

Jiangxi Zhentan Wine Co., Ltd. is a healthy and ecological company that produces health-preserving bamboo wine. It has modern standard production workshops, factories, production equipment, laboratories and technology research and development centers. Enterprises with national GMP certification are favored by agents and consumers in the Chinese market and can undertake OEM and OEM services all over the world.
Welcome everyone to visit the company to discuss cooperation! The company is located in Zhangshu, Jiangxi, known as the "Millennium Medicine Capital". Camphor tree has 1800 years of Taoist culture and medicinal wine culture. Ge Xuan, the famous medical scientist who founded Taoism, built a furnace to make elixirs here. The company adheres to the ancient wine making method for thousands of years and explores the wine industry to introduce the fresh bamboo wine on the tip of the tongue to the world.